Sayed Balaha - The Festival of Dance

Sayed Balaha - The Festival of Dance

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Sayed Balaha unleashes a lightning firework with his new CD. A compilation of excellent pieces from all his successful compositions - Rio de Jacairo, Nelly, Pharao´s Dancefloor, Balaha Flowers and Around The World.

Three new explosive pieces are completing the CDs uniqueness, leading from enchanting choreographies into heavenly dances. A piece of orient.


Tracklist :

01. Sonja
02. Atouta
03. Festival of The Dance
04. Bass and Tabla
05. Ali Gara
06. Ochid
07. Lotus
08. The Dream of Soher
09. Sao Paulo
10. Inter Amr
11. Madrid
12. Nasma

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