Marina Oganyan - Masterclass 2 - Tabla Solo

Marina Oganyan - Masterclass 2 - Tabla Solo

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Marina Oganyan is one of the most famous bellydancers of Russia. She performs at major festivals and prestigious events. She is also a bellydancing teacher and a choreographer, a stage director and producer of Oriental shows.

Every performance of hers (no matter whether it is classical bellydance or show) is an outburst of emotions. Marina is keen on experimenting with various trends of Oriental dance, enlivening them with sparkles of her inimitable style.

She is the director of the "Amaren-Show" oriental dance company.

In 2006 Marina was a guest of honor at the Berlin Festival Bazar Oriental where she held a master-class workshop and took part in the gala show.


Marina Oganyan - Tabla Solo - Masterclass 2 - Choreography


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