Hossam Ramzy - Ahlamy feat. Rafat Misso

Hossam Ramzy - Ahlamy feat. Rafat Misso

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Hossam Ramzy on this production has teamed up with the acclaimed Rafat Misso who employs the saxophone as an Arabian instrument and has become Egypt's most sought after session saxophonist.
This soulful collaboration sees Rafat & Hossam at a great height of musical creativity making this album a rich and mystical journey through the sounds of the Middle East







Tracklist :

01. Sallam Allay (My Beloved Greeted Me) - Saaidi Folklore 5:19

02. El Sama Billeyl (The Sky at Night) - Rafat Misso 7:55

03. Ala Rimsh Oyounha Abilt Hawa (While looking at her eyelashes, I met with love) - Wadi el Safi 5:51

04. Ya Tamr Henna (Hey, Tamr Henna) - Mohamed el Moogy 5:54

05. El Hanim (Her Ladyship) - Rafat Misso 7:23

06. Lamma Ramatna El Eyin (When I was captured by that look of the eye) - Mohamed el Moggy 5:24

07. El Shouma (The Saaidi Dancing Stick) - Rafat Misso 4:38

08. El Baladi Youkal (The Baladi is Edible) - Rafat Misso 7:20

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