Arab Folk Dance: Dabke, Khaliji, Saidi & Sufi

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with Karim Nagi



This inclusive program introduces 4 folk dance styles from around the Arab world: Dabke, Khaliji, Saidi & Sufi. Karim teaches the steps, gestures, and combinations with detailed explanation and educated structure. Each step has an Arabic name and a cultural context, and all are clearly explained and demonstrated.

Accompanied by Aubre and Lauren, Karim presents all the lessons, plus 6 choreographies that can be performed by any size group.


Tracklist :

01. DABKE - the stomping line dance from the Eastern Arab world

02. KHALIJI - the undulating and hair tossing dance from the Arabian Peninsula

03. SAIDI - the revolving stick dance from Southern Egypt

04. SUFI (Egyptian) - swaying and turning ritual that invokes bliss and trance

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