Arabian Nights (Richard Harvey)

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Release Date :     2000



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01. Sultan Shariar's Dream
02. Main Titles
03. The Brother's Fued
04. Scheherazade's Decision
05. Ali Baba in the Treasure Cave
06. 'Open Sesame! '/Black Coda
07. Kasim's Fatal Mistake
08. Coda's Men Search for Ali
09. Under Cover of Darkness/Thieves Sent Tumbling
10. Another Story...
11. Bacbac-The Death of a Funny Man
12. Aladdin and the Princess
13. In the Tomb of the Warriors
14. The Genie of the Lamp
15. The Storyteller
16. Aladdin's Wish
17. Shazzanan's Army
18. The Heart of Princess
19. Aladdin's Perfect Dream/The Illusion Shattered
20. Mustappa's Victory
21. Another Happy Ending
22. Amin and the Sultan's Madness
23. The Three Brothers
24. The Magic Carpet
25. Into the Great Desert
26. The Final Battle
27. Conclusion/End Titles

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