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The story of Bellybar is the story of an ancient art form inspired by the infectious beats of Middle Eastern rhythms and sensual melodic groves converging with the growing Western search for spiritual sensuality if a world fraught with crass commercialism. . That most beautiful of feminine dance arts, the art of bellydance has inspired an awakening appreciation by music lovers the world over of the depth and indeed magic of music from the Middle East and indeed inspired World artists to incorporate this music language into their own breading magical new fusions.

The Bellybar albums are intended to be an exciting new platform to raise the bar for music joining Eastern and Western music just as the Bellydance Superstars have raised the bar for bellydance generally. The two albums, Some Like It Hot and Some Like It Cold provide two moods for the listener to sink into and for the dancer in all of us to grove with as they enter the exotic and sensual mystic East. The music is chosen from a deep catalogue of music acquired from Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, France, England, Tunisia, and Syria as well as England and the USA. Special tracks have been created specifically for this album. Producer Miles Copeland has sequenced the albums both for the pleasure of pure listening as well as from the perspective of the dancers in the Bellydance Superstars who listen not only with their ears but with their bodies as they celebrate the beauty of feminine movement.



CD 1 - Some Like it Cool

01. Dania: Afraho Ganaouh 

02. Jose Fernandez: Awal Marra 

03. Oojami: Shake That Belly

04. Naked Rhythm: Moon Over Ala Nar

05. Turbo Tabla: Jrrouh

06. Tres Mundos: Abdel Kader

07. Hanine Y Soy Cubano: Baldi

08. Hoda: Endahly Had Kbeer

09. Latifa Mektoub

10. Diana Haddad: Zai Elsahar

11. Saad: Salaam Alakoom

12. Issam Houshan: Path To Goa


CD 2 - Some Like it Hot

01. Naked Rhythm: Sundianaya

02. Amina: Ange En Paix [Zohar Remix]

03. Zohar: Salaam

04. Soap Kills: Cheftak

05. Beats Antique: Derivation

06. Galactic Caravan: Voice From the Moon

07. Abdel Kader Saadoun: No Frontiers

08. Simon Shaheen: Saraab

09. Yuri Makredi Intaha Al Alam

10. Charbel Rouhana: Aiwa

11. Issa Ghandour: Hissini

12. Saaf: Haraam Allek



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