Bellydance Superstars present - Bellydance Superstars Vol.11

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Tracklist :

01.  Hoda: Endably Bad Kbeer
02.  Baha Hosny: 3000 Mix
03.  Hossam Ramzy: Hayyah Baad Hayyah
04.  Ziad Bourji: Wallah
05.  Ahmed Qawala: Wings Over Cairo
06.  Hamza: Gamed
07.  Oojami: Boom Shinga Ling
08.  Mohamad Al Hasan Abo Abi: Backstreets Of Cairo
09.  Cairo Cairo: Helou Ou Kaddab
10.  Issam Houshan: Mysteries In Stone
11.  Eka'at: Eventide Refrain
12.  Saad: Sabah El Sa Awah
13.  Charbel Rouhana: Just Like That

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