Kismet ( Musical )

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Release Date :    1990/1995



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Highlights From The Wright And Forrest Musical Based On ThemesOf Alexandr Borodin

01. Overture/Sands Of Time - Bonaventura Bottone/Harry Nicoll/Gerard O'Beirne/Philip Griffiths/Edward Byles
02. Rhymes Have I - Donald Maxwell/Stifyn Parri/Valerie Masterson
03. Fate - Donald Maxwell/Simon Green
04. Not Since Nineveh - Judy Kaye/Richard Van Allen/Ambrosian Chor/John McCarthy
05. Baubles, Bangles & Beads - Valerie Masterson/Bonaventura Bottone/David Rendall/Ambrosia Chor/John McCarthy
06. Stranger In Paradise - Valerie Masterson/David Rendall
07. Gesticulate - Richard Van Allen/Donald Maxwell/Judy Kaye/Ambrosia Chor/John McCarthy
08. Night Of My Nights - David Rendall/Ambrosia Chor/John McCarthy
09. Was I Wazir? - Richard Van Allen/Ambrosia Chor/John McCarthy
10. Rahadlakum - Judy Kaye/Donald Maxwell/Rosemary Ashe/Ambrosia Chor/John McCarthy
11. And This Is My Beloved - Daviid Rendall/Richard Van Allen/Donald Maxwell/Valerie Masterson
12. The Olive Tree - Ambrosian Chorus And The Philharmonia Orchestra/John Owen Edwards



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