Putumayo - Cairo To Casablanca: An Arabic Musical Odyssey

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Cairo to Casablanca album was released on the Putumayo label. Released in 1998, this assortment covers artists from Egypt and Algeria, with occasional side trips to Sudan or a previously unheard-of locale called Iran-Morocco. Cairo to Casablanca music CDs The roster is pretty impressive. Cairo to Casablanca songs Husky-voiced Rachid Taha began as a member of the French-Arabic rock group Carte de Sejour (Green Card). Cairo to Casablanca album He is a child of two cultures, and his subject matter ranges from diatribes to off-the-wall humor and attempts at reconciliation.

Cairo to Casablanca CD music At the other end of the generational spectrum is Ali Hassan Kuban, whose ancient Nubian homeland was flooded and lost forever after the erection of the Aswan dam. Cairo to Casablanca music CDs A singer, composer, bandleader, and instrumentalist, he is one of Egypt's best-known wedding singers. Khaled (formerly Cheb, or "kid," Khaled) is the undisputed king of rai, a rebellious, youth-oriented style that developed in the Algerian port city of Oran. His lyrics were so frank that he had to emigrate to France. This was no PR stunt -- the noted Oranaise producer Rachid was murdered by Muslim extremists shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, the Kabyle-based Berber tradition is represented by the Idir, a songwriter who has had an incalculable influence on the newest crop of musicians. The well-chosen tunes are redolent of rattling percussion, tinkling zithers, slightly sour-toned fiddles, vertigo-inducing rhythms, and coolly intricate vocal lines. This is a comfortable way for a beginner to explore these unfamiliar sounds and decide which direction to go in next.


Tracklist :

01. Ya Rayah - Rachid Taha

02. Mabrouk Wo Arisna - Ali Hassan Kuban

03. Ki Kounti - Khaled

04. Dikra - Raina Rai

05. Nahawand - Sharkiat

06. Zwit Rwit - Idir

07. Ya Maalem - Maurice El Mediouni

08. Leali - Rasha

09. Through The Veil - Jamshied Sharifi, Hassan Hakmoun

10. Madanitche - Kadda Cherif Hadria

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