Sahira - Ali (Tribal Fusion by Sahira)

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Ali: A Tribal Fusion Choreography


From the creator of Arabian Spices comes another intermediate-level choreography, Ali: a fast-paced, upbeat number that combines movements from Bhangra, West African, Spanish, and Tribal Fusion Dance.

The choreography is broken down into 14 separate combinations. Each one is demonstrated, then taught slowly with attention given to technical isolations. They are repeated with counts and then with music and small groups of combinations are reviewed together to build the complete choreography. The DVD also includes a special section on improvisational Spanish skirt combinations, breaking down both the movements and the cueing and transitioning process.

These movements are reviewed and drilled several times in an improvisational format.

Over two hours of instruction in all! The DVD ends with a special troupe performance of Ali by members of Urban Gypsy.

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