Said El Amir - Turn In, Turn Out & Turn Around Vol.1 (Set)

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10 years of jomdance - Your Profit!

The jomdance-academy celebrates its 10th birthday and we celebrate with them. Therefore, we offer the Instructional DVD „Turn in. Turn out & Turn around Vol. 1“ (19.- €) including the accompanying CD „el-Khan" by Tiziano Ronchetti (15,50 €) at the unbeatable price of 23.- € plus shipping. Compared buying each of the items solely you save 11,50 €.

Tiziano accompanies Said el Amir on the Tabla during the pre-exercises and on the so called Hang for the exercise-choreography containing the six most important turns any Middle Eastern Dancer should know. Slowly and comprehensively explained Said shows the detailed work of turns and transmits a proper technique. Besides the practical part of this DVD you get a very in-depth written PDF-file with information about feet positions in dance, axes and exercises for your balance as well as the broken down choreography and the "making of" certain turn techniques. All in all a perfect gift for Christmas for all of you who are interested in turns in general, for those who search new ways of explication and those who want to make their students "turn life" easier.



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