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The cd `EURIENT`,was made from numerous facets and nuances of two great cultures: the European popular music and the rhythmics and tune variety of the Orient.
Mystically - appearing sounds blend into energetic drum beats in which a wide range of tender and soft passages up to passionate rhythm full of spirits is presented.
In the lyrics - voice fantasy has priority. It makes a musically - fluent and varied selection of melodies of Oriental, African and Indian flair come alive.

Tracklist :

01.   Life Is Born (3:45)
02.   Hipp Drums (4:08)
03.   Lonely Sky (4:05)
04.   Street Along (4:24)
05.   Black Bird (2:47)
06.   Drum Solo (3:09)
07.   TablaRasa (5:22)
08.   Vocha Mumba (5:43)
09.   Asia Oriental (4:22)
10.   Suhanamadan (5:16)

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