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Go-Go is a fun and fabulous freestyle form of dance that borrows from many dance styles and genres. Popularized in the 1960s with then ‘outrageous’ moves like the Twist and the Watusi, Go-Go today encompasses everything from those timeless steps to contemporary new dance moves. Burlesque artist extraordinaire Angie Pontani is a child of New York City and a key figure in the establishment of NYC's modern day burlesque scene.

Her interest in retro variety arts combined with a cutting-edge innovative drive prompted her to master and cultivate Go-Go dancing - both as a historical retro style originating in the club culture of the ‘60s and as a modern sexy, slinky, and light-hearted dance genre favored in nightlife venues around the world. In her Go-Go Dance Workout, Angie places her focus on classic Go-Go dance moves, a lot of them coming from the ‘60s and ‘70s. This high-energy dance vocabulary involving both lower and upper body makes for a fantastic workout: It’s varied, entertaining and simple enough to learn as you exercise.

All the music for the Go-Go Dance Workout has been provided by the world-famous Los Straightjackets - one of America’s most notable and long-lived rockabilly and rock bands, whose massive touring success shows no sign of stopping. The music of Los Straightjackets, originally ‘60s-surf-inspired, incorporates R&B, country, and exotica, along with a careefree, sexy Latin vibe - all perfect for backing Go-Go dance performance.

The two main sections of Angie’s workout are:

1. Cardio Go-Go - a non-stop sequence of Go-Go dance moves. You remain in constant motion, adding steps at a fast pace. At the end of this section the dance steps you’ve learned fall into a full Go-Go dance routine to one of Los Straightjackets classic hit songs, Dipinto Twist.

2. Go-Go Box - In this non-stop section you follow Angie in sequences of moves designed to make you feel like you are actually performing on a nightclub stage. Angie goes at a fast pace through multiple repetitions of heart-pumping, body-sculpting Go-Go dance moves.

A lot of them are classic Go-Go steps like the Freddy, the Go-Go Gorilla and the Anne-Margret.

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