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with Aziza

In this video Aziza introduces rhythms that lend themselves to veil dancing and discusses how to match your movements to the music. Aziza explains how the fabric type, size, and shape of your veil will affect how it moves and shows how to dance with different kinds of veils. Aziza demonstrates how to make your veil your partner when you dance, using concepts such as your veil is extension of your body, catching air, invisible shield, and "keeping your pencil on the paper."

Technique and Combinations Aziza teaches many veil movements, clearly explaining and demonstrating the technique required to make your veil behave beautifully. She shows you how to use hand positions, arm patterns, weight changes, and body alignment to get your veil to do what you want it to do, and how to use the air and the space around you to get the most out of your veil.

Among the many veil movements Aziza teaches are:

~ Scoop & Pivot

~ Roman Cape

~ Sharita

~ Flourish

~ Angel Wings

~ Juggle the Veil

~ and more !

Aziza also teaches variations to each movement, and combinations made up of the movements. Warm Up and Cool Down with Aziza! Aziza starts her instruction by leading you through a warm-up especially designed to prepare you to dance with a veil, and ends with a cool-down to relax the muscles you use in veil dancing.

Performance! And finally, a beautiful performance starring Aziza and her veil!

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