Said el Amir — Rara Avis

Said el Amir has been an innovative dancer, instructor and choreographer for 25 years now. His in-depth training in Middle Eastern Dances, Arabic folklore, jazz dance, modern dance and contemporary ballet has made him a popular instructor worldwide. His pedagogical-didactic and well-structured teaching method is the reason for his success: he responds to the individuality of his students and brings out their max. As a mentor and coach, he generously passes on his knowledge.

Due to his dance creation jomdance® — (jazzorientalmoderndance), he teaches an excellent dance technique, music feeling, expression and zest of life as well as dynamic and authenticity within the dance.

Said el Amir » Teacher with all his heart

» Dancer with charisma

» Choreographer with a vision

jomdance - jazzorientalmoderndance

This fusion consists of jazzdance, middle eastern dance and modern dance. Using their initial letters the new word "jomdance" was created which became a trademark "®" and is now protected by patent.

jomdance uses the main and essential movements of jazzdance, moderndance (some contemporary ballet movements) and middle eastern dance and fuses them to a new dance style. Thereby the contemporary middle eastern dance becomes a tv-suitable dance style such as the so called "Shakira-Bellydance". It fits as well for stage performances and traditional middle eastern dance with it's Egyptian folklore as for the Lebanese or Turkish bellydance or just for having fun!

Traditional dances from Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and United Arab Emirates are instructed in workshops as well as all kind of jomdance styles.

Traditional: Baladi, Raks Sharqi, dance with cane, Tahtib, candelabra, melaya laf, khaleegy, Dance with zills, nubian dance, fellahi, hagallah etc.

Fantasy dances such as: Sabre, fan, veil, balls of light, pois, pompoms etc.

jomdance: baladi-jomdance, swing-jomdance, hiphop-jomdance, rock/pop-jomdance, jomdance goes classic, jomdance goes modern etc.

In 2000 Said el Amir brought thisfusion for the first time onto the dance market. Ever since the contemporary style of middle eastern dance (raqs sharqi / bellydance) which has been adapted to the European audience became more and more popular.



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