The Violet Tribe - Grand Hotel

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Trackliste :

01. Act II, Scene II (The Hotel Theater)

02. Starry Night (The Ballroom)

03. Herr Biedermeier

04. Schleifchen aus Stahl (The Girls' Club)

05. Zarani (The Oriental Salon)

06. I Think No (The Hotel Bar)

07. Canción Del Pirata (An Uninvited Guest Appears)

08. Spooky, Spooky (The Hotel Swamp)

09. Qual Guerriero In Campo Armato (The Opera)

10. The Gypsy Suite

11. Vive Le Noble Roy De France (The King's Chamber)

12. The Baroque Suite

13. High Ideals (The Hotel Disco)

14. TVT Has Left The Building

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