Voila Le Burlesque

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Trackliste :

01.     Street scene (SamButera)
02.     Night train (Louis Prima)
03.     Just a gigolo i ain t got nobody (Louis Prima)
04.     The stripper (David Rose)
05.     Patricia (Perez Prado)
06.     Fever (Peggy Lee)
07.     Honk tink (Bill Doggett)
08.     Beyond the sea (Bobby Darin)
09.     C est si bon it s so good (Jack Cooper feat. Terry Snider)
10.     La vie en rose (Sam Butera feat. The Witnesses)
11.     Sleep walk (Henry Rene)
12.     Angel eyes (Jack Jonee)
13.     Peter gunn (Ray Anthony)
14.     Perfidia (Jack Davis)
15.     Purple wail (Red Prysock)
16.     Slow walk (Sil Austin)
17.     I can t give you anything but love (Louis Armstrong)
18.     Harlem nocturne (The Viscounts) 

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