Evolution(Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances)

Evolution(Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances)

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"Tribal Fusion" describes the innovative direction taken by many ATS (American Tribal Style) belly dance companies and solo performers.

Tribal Fusion dancers embrace a new blend of traditional and contemporary movements and aesthetics, combining diverse world influences with modern American dance styles creating a revolution in movement, music and costume.

Running Time: 69 min.


Trackliste :

01.    Kami Liddle: Shisha Room [Tribal Fusion]
02.    Urban Tribal Dance Company: Saptak [Tribal Fusion - Duet]
03.    Zoey Jakes: Mazamir Holiday 8Tribal Fusion – Egyptian Folklore]
04.    Ava Fleming: Darkness Falls [Tribal Fusion – Sword Dance]
05.    Domba: Bascha [Troupe Performance]
06.    Karis: Shake Time [Hoop Performance – Drum Solo]
07.    Elizabeth Strong: Serpentine [Tribal Fusion - Sword]
08.    Devadasi: Asian Majik [Asian-Tribal Fusion]
09.    Meleah: Awaken The Goddess [Afro-Tribal Fusion]
10.    Aubre: Enchanted Garden [Tribal Fusion]
11.    Urban Gypsy: Cirque du Flame [Fire Dance – Tribal Fusion]

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