Sayed Balaha - Oriental Grooves (Vol.2)

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Beside his work on stage and teacher for oriental dance and tabla, Sayed Balaha worked on a CD-compilation with the most important oriental rhythms, as they are used in oriental dance today. These rhythms have been recorded in several speeds and variations.

These CDs are a great tool for dancers for daily training and studies of oriental music.


Tracklist :

01. Ayoub (80dpm)
02. Ayoub (120dpm)
03. Malfuf (120dpm)
04. Khaligi (80dpm)
05. Khaligi (120dpm)
06. Fallahi (120dpm)
07. Karatschi (120dpm)
08. Samba (120dpm)
09. Rumba (120dpm)
10. Saraband 3/4 (120dpm)
11. 6/8 (80dpm) I.
12. 6/8 (100dpm) II.
13. 10/8 (80dpm) I.
14. 10/8 (120dpm) Samai

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