Said El Amir - Turn In, Turn Out & Turn Around Vol.1

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Turn in, Turn out & Turn around Vol. 1

More grace and dynamic in dance are two results of using turns. Furthermore, stable balances, an upright posture and beautiful positions of arms and feet are attained. On this DVD Saïd el Amir explains the principal techniques of turning per se and particularly of the six first turns which should not be missed in the basic repertoire of any dancer. All turns are precisely broken down step by step, combined in simple step combinations and finally put together into choreography for exercising. The extensive script located in the ROM-sector of the DVD contains besides a detailed manuscript of the choreography also estimable information concerning turns in general.

Content :

Feet Warm-up

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Detailed script as pfd-file


Music from Tiziano Ronchetti

1. Dance with me (Drum Solo), 02:15

2. Carmen (Hang Improvisation), 05:38

3. Wahda Kabira, 04:33

4. Hang Improvisation at Wahda Kabira, 04:31


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