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Oriental Folk Songs

Sayed Balaha’s newest production “Si Balaha” is a magnificent collection of 11 oriental folklore song compositions, with lyric and instrumental as well.
Inspired by the variety of the Egyptian Music scene.Sayed Balaha has developed these songs with Lyrics and Instruments, which will take the heart of every dancer to a new level.
A variety of a magnificent selection (Shaabi , Raks Sharqi , Baladi , Saidi, Dance-Routines) full of passion with wonderful, swinging and exciting folklore and instrumental songs.
Sayed Balaha has arranged, reworked, mixed and remastered all songs to fit them to the modern trend of shorter music tracks for dancing.
This is an homage for the traditional Egyptian Music, and it’s a piece of cultur.
Thrilling, breathtaking and a Masterpiece!

The newest masterpiece by the masterdrummer ... and of course all tracks are royalty free music.


01.    Si Balaha                  
02.    Daka Alb                     
03.    Al Labady (Tabloh Raks)        
04.    Talia                   
05.    Wla Ah                        
06.    Rhala Hop               
07.    Orkos                   
08.    Thoma                  
09.    Hlawa Rouh               
10.    Raksha Ya Balaha                  
11.    Asal Rouhak              


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