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Shaabi - The Voice Of The Street         

Sayed Balaha, Masterdrummer from Egypt and composer, presents for the 2.time a stunning Compilation of traditional „Shaabi Street Dance Songs“ in modern arrangements in the typical Balaha-Style.
Inspired by the varied of the Egyptian Music Sayed Balaha has created musictracks with instruments and vocals.
A album with an magnificent selection of 12 new songs full of passion. It’s a homage of traditional Egyptian Music, a piece of culture.

The new Masterpiece of the Masterdrummer ... and of course all tracks are " ROYAL FREE! "


Tracklist :

01.    Abad Anya                            
02.    Jana                         
03.    Amoura                    
04.    Akdb Alik                    
05.    Al Dwor Alik                        
06.    Asturias                    
07.    Al Helwin                    
08.    Mays                        
09.    Ychtkiny                    
10.    Gawazi                            
11.    Ah Meno                    
12.    Anadi Alik          



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