Best of Bellybeats Vol.1

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A very strongly rhythm-emphasized CD which leaves noone restless. Many strong and ragging drumsoli, but also pieces with some Arabic music-instrument sneaking in. From Qanoun " Arabic zither " or the sorrowfully sounding Nay " tube-flute ". However the Tablas masters the pieces and pretends the sound as well as the rhythm inalienably. Admittedly the sounds sometimes accure " electronic " because the " reason-rhythm-holder " seem to come from the PC.
But that takes nothing of the virtuosity of the Solo-Tabla player and the energy of the CD. Therefore for example the piece " Powerfull ", does justice to its name every time. A through and through stirring CD for training and appearance.


01. Dessert Wind

02. Crazy

03. Last Cance

04. Shaking the Time

05. Freedom

06. Maximum

07. Drums of Joy

08. Rhytmic

09. Dreams

10. Dum - Tek

11. Istanbul Grooves

12. Powerful

13. Wishes

14. Streames of Nile

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