Belly Dance

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Top-Sampler with non-stop mix with many club-hits, put on ragging and smoothly.
A very strongly rhythm-emphasized CD - noone will stay restless.
Many strong and ragging drumsolis master the pieces and have the say as well as the rhythm.
A through and through stirring CD super suitable for training and performances.

Super sound - classy mixed. A CD, that enriches the collection one of each dancer.

Tracklist :

01. On the Party
02. The Saidi
03. Dance with the Mobile
04. Orientals
05. On the Party - Mix
06. The Saidi - Mix
07. Belly Dance Beat
08. On the Beat
09. Oriental 1 & Half
10. The Wedding
11. Kordia
12. Belly Dance Beat 2
13. Bent El - Aosool
14. DJ
15. Bent El - Balad

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