Al Ahram Orchestra - The Essence of Bellydance

Al Ahram Orchestra - The Essence of Bellydance

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The art of Bellydance continues to rise in popularity around the world. It fills peoples’ lives with passion, soul and sensuality. A Bellydancers’ performance articulates the music. In Egyptian Classical Bellydance, also known as Raks Sharki, authentic Egyptian music is used, and includes styles such as Classical, Modern, Balady and Drum Solo. Cairo’s Al-Ahram Orchestra is among the finest in Egypt. In The Essence of Bellydance, they perform well-known classics and new compositions ideal for the bellydancer or Middle Eastern music enthusiast.



01. Leylet Al Naseeb (7.33) Bellydance Routine
02. Tamr-Henna (4.54) Classical Egyptian
03. Nagham Al Hob (3.32) Classical Egyptian
04. Sahran Alayya (6.35) Bellydance Routine
05. Ikhlasik Fen (4.35) Modern Egyptian Balady
06. Sahrawi Ya Wad (4.30) Slow Egyptian Balady
07. Habayibna Gayyin (3.35) Modern Egyptian
08. Soublil Alashra (3.53) Modern Khaliji
09. Mazamir Arbaa (3.47) Modern Egyptian
10. Altablalal Ghallab (2.14) Drum Solo
11. Ala Baladi Il Mahboob (3.23) Classical Egyptian
12. Oulli Ya Baboor (5.13) Classical Egyptian
13. Ana Hashik (3.52) Modern Egyptian Pop

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