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Abdel Aziz El Sayyed (Qanun), Bashir Abdel Aal (Nai), Al Sheik Taha (Akkordeon), Bahig Ramzy (Kamangah), Ali Srour (Ud), Ibrahim el Minyawi (Tablah), Hamid Mustapha (Kontrabass), Samir Bin Ya Amin (Req), Farouk el Safi (Doff), Issam Al Matrawi (Doff).



This CD is a live recording of selected pieces of the highest quality art music written for the great singer Um Kulthoum, as well as the best pieces of Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Farid El Altrache. The classical music of this CD is aranged for the dance and also contains one of the most beautiful baladi sections by Sheik Taha and an exciting solo tablah by Ibrahim el Minyawi


10 Tracks, classical repertoire, arranged for dance.




CD Playtime: 72 min






01. Rubayat El Khayam


02. Al-Ritha W'al Nur 


03. Al-Nahr El Khalid


04. Taqasim Nay


05. Ibn El Balad 


06. Baladi


07. Solo Tablah 


08. Raqs Il Gamal


09. Tamra Henna


10. Kahramana 


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