Suraya Hilal - Spirit of the Heart

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Ruh El Fuad (voice, sagat), Tawfik Dawoud (accordeon), Mohamad Sabry (nay, ud), Kamel Sheiha (saxofon), Ibrahim El Minyawi (tablah), Mustafa Abdel Aziz (dahulla, arghul), Osman Aly (doff and mazhar).
This CD is a unique live recording of the famous Baladi Singer Ruh el Fuad (meaning: spirit of the heart) who is one of the rare female Baladi vocalists. She sings a strong emotive mawwaal, leading into a sweet Baladi song and finally moving on to the epic song of the Moulid. The excellent musicians Tawfik Dawoud, Mohamad Sabry and Kamel Sheiha come from the original school of Baladi. The works include an exciting Ashra Baladi and other traditional Baladi songs. Another jewel on this CD is a unique improvisation on Arghul (ancient double reed flute) played by the master musicians Mustafa Abdelaziz and Ibrahim el Minyawi.

10 tracks, baladi singings and music, Ashra Baladi - arranged for dance - live recorded in 1998


Tracklist :

01. Tahmilah with Oud Taqasim (02:42)

02. Mawwaal (02:18)

03. Char Alayki (05:37)

04. Ana Albi Alayk mayal (04:34)

05. Nawal (06:42)

06. Tmr Henna (04:17)

07. Arghui Takasim (09:16)

08. Tahmela and Ashra Baladi (12:09)

09. Hiwar (08:41)

10. Suraya Hilal - Ayoub (20:36)

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