Ibrahim El Minyawi - Saltana (feat.Mostafa Sax & Farouk Mohamed Hassan)

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Farouk Mohammed Hassan (accordeon), Mostafa Sax (saxofon), Ibrahim El Minyawi (tablah, dahulla), Mamdouh Hashim (kawala), Osman Ali (doff).

Farouk Mohamed Hassan, Mostafa Sax, Ibrahim el Minyawi and Mamdouh Hashim dedicate this CD to the art of Baladi music. At the beginning of 2004, these outstanding musicians who have been friends for 35 years, reunited in Cairo for an exceptional music session, playing their tradition of "Egyptian Baladi music", or "Egyptian popular jazz", the music they all grew up with. The outstanding improvisations on accordion, saxophone, kawala and tabla, supported in the most exquisite way by the other musicians, are traditional and modern at the same time.

9 tracks featuring traditional repertoire and new compositions

CD Playtime:  53 min


Tracklist :

01. Saltana

02. Al Fan 


03. Tamr Henna



04. Al Hava Helwa 

05. Sufia


06. Ahlam


07. Min Bulaq


08. Kollak Helu


09. Min Al Janub

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