Ibrahim El Minyawi & Awlad Murad - Al Masdar

Ibrahim El Minyawi & Awlad Murad - Al Masdar

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With Rais Mohamed Murad Metqali & Ibrahim el Minyawi and and the famous rababa & mizmar musicians from Upper Egypt.

Al Masdar - The source - Old masters and talented young musicians perform the traditional music of Upper Egypt in all its beauty. A selection of songs, mystical melodies, improvisations and pieces recorded for the first time pay tribute to the authentic sound of the ancient instruments. Along with the CD comes a 24 pages CD booklet with photos and articles in detail on the pieces, the instruments, the musicians, their art and lives.


Tracklist :


01. Ya Helwa 


02. Alal Nahr


03. Yalla Hatuli Khillie

04. Amalna Elly Alina


05. Adalla YaHelw


06. Abu Zeid Al Hilali


07. Aleik Salam Allah

08. Tahtib


09. Haddi El Khatawi

10. Mawaarid

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