Nour Han Cairo

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Conduction and Musical Arrangement by Mr. Mohammed Ali El-Nayati.

Through the dance, the dancers comes into harmony with the universe, abandoning themselves to Life and to the Divine.
Cairo combines the passion of Nourhan Sharif with her desire to perform, teach, and move Middle Eastern Dance enthusiast and fans a like. Exciting our imaginations and lending inspiration to our dance choreography masterpieces, by being herself.... a masterpiece.


Trackliste :



01. El Marouge (The Garden)
02. Ebn'l Hallal (Sayed McKowey)
03. Wana Mally (Warda)
04. Toube (Warda) 
05. El Nassem (The Breeze)
06. Saidi Sha't Mah't
07. Oud Taxsim (Impovisation)
08. Nay Taxsim (Impovisation)
09. Yallah Nourhan (Drum Solo by Negham)
10. Finale El Marouge



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