Wash Ya Wash( Vol.7)

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Egyptian-born Yousry Sharif is an internationally celebrated choreographer, performer, and instructor of Middle Eastern Dance. Based in New York City, he established the Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance, and he has coached and directed troupes and individual artists around the globe. Sharif, celebrated for his acute musical sensitivity and choreographic originality and sophistication, is responsible for championing the fine art of oriental dance in the United States & Europe.
Grounded in Middle Eastern vocabulary, blessed with an acutely sensitive ear, and as an ingeniously creative artist continually questing for new expressions, Mr. Sharif has developed a body of work which exemplifies that unique synthesis of knowledge and originality.
He has also produced high quality classically-oriented CD’s and performance videos of his choreographies which are an invaluable asset to students, professionals, and the sophisticated audience. He is one of those rare masters of dance who has a distinctive “voice” - an aesthetic vision generated from musical inspiration - which demarcates his compositions with a signature vitality and authenticity.

Tracklist :

01.Raks Layalina
02.Tango Arabekal
03.En Cont Nsse
04.Alf Laya Wa Layla
05.Finale Layalina
06.Raks Verona
07.Wadah Howak
09.Ya Nessene
10.Finale Verona

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