Desert Grooves Vol.3

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A brand new collection of contemporary middle eastern melodies fused with cutting edge electronica. It is at once exotic and yet familiar. When combined with electronica sounds, traditional middle eastern music takes on an exciting new dimension. Desert Grooves 3 is a mesmerizing collection of laid-back fusions of middle eastern melodies, rhythms and instrumentation mixed with cutting edge electronica and hip-hop beats.



Tracklist :

01.Khaleegi Stomp - Transglobal Underground

02.Tea in Marrakech - Vibraphile  

03.Arabian Eyes - Mazachigno

04.Kamanche Groove - Drumspyder

05.Gardens of Delight - Giacomo Bondi

06.Sexy Saiidi - Drumspyder

07.Desert Samba 2 - Drumspyder

08.Pyramids & Shadows - Luna Lounge

09.Desert Sand - Lemongrass

10.Moon Over ala Nar - Naked Rhythm

11.Sulta's Wife - Luna Lounge

12.Sahara - Brass

13.Boxed Ram - Tantra Remixed

14.Tabla & Doff - Darbuka & Tabla

15.Away - Louie

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