Sayed Balaha - Rhythms From The Arab World

Sayed Balaha - Rhythms From The Arab World

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Beside his work on stage and teacher for oriental dance and tabla, Sayed Balaha worked on a CD-compilation with the most important oriental rhythms, as they are used in oriental dance today. These rhythms have been recorded in several speeds and variations.

These CDs are a great tool for dancers for daily training and studies of oriental music.


Tracklist :

Oriental Grooves Vol.1

01. Small Masmoudi (80dpm)  
03. Small Masmoudi (160dpm)  
04. Saidi (80dpm)
05. Saidi (120dpm)
06. Saidi (120dpm)
07. Sonbaati (120dpm)
08. Big Masmoudi (80dpm)
09. Big Masmoudi (120dpm)
10. Big Masmoudi (80dpm)
11. Big Masmoudi (120dpm)
12. Big Masmoudi (80dpm)
13. Big Masmoudi (120dpm)
14. Chiftetelli (100dpm)
15. Shimmy (120dpm)
16. Shimmy I (120dpm)

Oriental Grooves Vol.2

01. Ayoub (80dpm)
02. Ayoub (120dpm)
03. Malfuf (120dpm)
04. Khaligi (80dpm)  
05. Khaligi (120dpm)
06. Fallahi (120dpm)
07. Karatschi (120dpm)
08. Samba (120dpm)
09. Rumba (120dpm)
10. Saraband 3/4 (120dpm)
11. 6/8 (80dpm) I.
12. 6/8 (100dpm) II.
13. 10/8 (80dpm) I.
14. 10/8 (120dpm) Samai





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