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KulTour Schock

Mediaeval  Row  with  “Fremitus“

Made for people inspired ba mediaeval rock. The heart beats of each Tribal Dancer will increase. F. aim for danceable sound – rhythm versions of medieval instruments and melodies and numerous modern influences, which makes this sound approachable for modern viewers/ listerners because of its own exotic.

Tribal Music for "Fans and Freaks"



01. KulTour

02.  Douce Dance Jolie  

03. Die Schwarze Witwe  

04. La Gitanilla  

05. Baphomet’s Jig

06. Der Rabenzauber

07. Korobuschka

08. Albanischer Hirtentanz

09. Zion

10. Shisha

11. Tueckischer Tanz

12. Cooley’s Reggae


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