Bellydance Superstars present - Tribal Beats - Music from the Strange & Beauitiful Vol.1

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For The Strange & Beautiful is an aptly titled compilation as the music of the Tribal Bellydance scene has always been prone to juxtaposition. The old versus new, traditional versus modern, the melodic versus dissonant, and now the Strange & Beautiful. Bellydance Superstar Kami Liddle has carefully assembled a compilation of the most intriguing music in the scene today. These Tribal Beats will surely satiate your strange and beautiful cravings. Enjoy!


Tracklist :

01 . Mission by Beats Antique 

02 . Bol Three by Solace

03 . Singularites by Filastine

04 . Double Sixes by Djinn

05 . New Delhi Dank by BreakBeatBuddha

06 . Epic Baklava by Aneurysm

07 . The Akara by Beirut

08 . Bitten by Maduro

09 . Vector by Rapid Beat Construction

10 . Mermaid's Tears by Pete List

11 . Karselema Hybrid by Dan Cantrell

12 . The Pharoah's Tribal Drum Solo by Issam Houshan

13 . Morceau d'amour by Nouvelle Vague and Mahala Rai Banda

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