Camp Burlesque - Camp Burlesque

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Tracklist :

01. The New Orchids: The Grind (Opening Theme)

02 . Matthew Sweet: Theme From Camp Burlesque

03. Martini Kings: Las Nuedas

04. The Del Reys: G-String Melody

05 . Velvet Crush: The Thing You Do (To Me)

06. Big Sandy & The Martini Kings: 46-24-46

07. Martini Kings: Nylon Jungle (Chika's Theme)

08. Rick Vito: Sliding The Blues

09. The Del Reys: Pink Pussycat (Kitten's Theme)

10. The Big Island Boys: Pink Pussycat (Kitten's Theme)

11. Peter Case: Anything (Closing Credits)

12. Dave Alvin: Passion Pool

13. Stereo Blues: I Can't Be Satisfied

14. Tito & Tarantula: Mexico

15. John Doe: By The Light

16. The Cruzados & Bob Dylan: Rising Sun


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Written & directed by raconteur Tony Marsico, this DVD is a contemporary homage to the classic burlesque films Marsico grew up watching in the backroom of his father's pizza parlor. The DVD incorporates Marisco's love of fantasy, roots oriented rock & roll and the female form into a delightfully sinful low budget romp. Filmed in dazzling Swing-O-Vision, this DVD is a wild romp of eroticism. See today's most popular burlesque stars in all their girlie glory! Music is provided by The New Orchids, Matthew Sweet, The Martini Kings, The Del Reyes, The Velvet Crush, Big Sandy, Rick Vito, The Big Island Boys, Peter Case, Dave Alvin, Stereo Blues, Tito & Tarantula, John Doe, and The Cruzados with Bob Dylan.

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