Bourbon Street Burlesque - The Penthouse Playboys

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This is the most Rock'n Rowdy record to date by the Lounge Kings themselves. The Party starts with the R&B flavored "Sugar Daddy" followed by Striptease numbers"Hey Hey Big Boy" (sung by Angie King),"Brooklyn Bombshell"and "Time of your Life". "The Mystery of Love" played like a New Orleans funeral march takes you on a parade down Bourbon Street. This CD is chuck full of Drink'n Party'n Sexy Striptease tunes sure to get the party rollin'.

This record is rounded out with the Sultry Smooth "Night Beat",the sing'a'long Drinking tune "Cocktail Hour" and High Octaine Rockers "Fun Lovin' Mattie",Blue Delilah" and "Black Patty" to name a few.

The Dixieland influence is very distinct on the tracks"August Moon", Yo Mamma" and "Let's Get Goin'". So put on your Party Hat and Let the Penthouse Playboys take you on a trip to the BOURBON STREET BURLESQUE


Tracklist :

01. Sugar Daddy

02. Hey Hey Big Boy

03. Brooklyn Bombshell

04. Time Of your Life

05. Mystery Of Love

06. Cocktail Hour

07. August Moon

08. Fun Lovin' Mattie

09. Yo Mamma

10. Night Beat

11. Blue Delilah

12. Let's Get Goin'

13. Black Patty

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