Phil Thornton - Tribal Spirit (feat.Helm)

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The conceptual seeds for this project began with Carolena Nericcio of FatChanceBellyDance having the idea of bringing together Helm's expertise in acoustic, folkloric music for tribal belly dance and Phil's distinctive world fusion sound to create something really unique. This approach opened the way to explore the many facets of Tribal Spirit throughout the world. Helm traveled to Rajasthan in India and, with the contacts of Colleena Shakti, was able to record with musicians from the Sindh desert.

Helm twice stopped by Phil's studio, Expandibubble, in the UK to brainstorm and record as well. Phil's solo contributions are a result of his travels to Egypt and the USA, hearing soundscapes within cacophonies


Trackliste :

01. Desert Dervish - Bacchu & Nizam Khan Langa

02. Lovar Jivera - Helm

03. Fireflies/ Sandansko - Helm

04. F'il Waha (Roman Style) - Helm

05. Kako Kolan - Helm

06. Dive Nakela - Helm

07. Le Rosier Blanc - Helm

08. 'Azara l'Akhdar - Helm

09. Seventh Void - Helm & Phil Thornton

10. Sunrise over TriBeCa (FatChance mix) - Phil Thornton

11. Sella Fina - Helm & Phil Thornton

12. Raqs Rhodope (FatChance mix) - Phil Thornton

13. Lashir Spirit (Helm remix)

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