The Mummy (Franz Reizenstein)-(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Category:    Soundtrack  (1958/59)


Release Date :    1999



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01. Introduction By Christopher Lee (Voice – Christopher Lee)
02. Opening Credits         
03. Egypt 1985         
04. Entering The Tomb         
05. The Scroll Of Life         
06. England 1898         
07. The Mummy Is Released         
08. The Casket Is Buried In The Swamp         
09. Mehemet Bey At The Swamp         
10. The Mummy Rises From The Swamp         
11. Kill Stephen Banning         
12. The Story Of Kharis And Ananka         
13. The Burial Procession         
14. Kharis Violates The Seal Of Ananka         
15. Buried Alive         
16. The Mummy's Second Task         
17. Kill Joseph Whemple         
18. The First Breaking Of The Seal         
19. The Mummy Is Brought To Life         
20. The Mummy's Final Task
21. Isobel's Likeness To Ananka    
22. The Mummy Attacks John Banning         
23. The Mummy Sees Isobel As Ananka         
24. The Mummy Is Avenged         
25. John Banning And Mehemet Bey         
26. The Mummy's Final Attack         
27. The Mummy And Isobel         
28. Finale And End Credits


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