Farhad Bazleh - Milkan(2014)

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Having grown up in the north-east of Iran, Farhad has long been a star in his homeland. For his interpretation and portrayal of classical Kurdish music, he receives several awards, honorary titles and is the best Tanbourspieler of Iran. Since 2002, he has been widely known to Iranians and Kurds in Europe and the USA. Farhad has his own television broadcast as an entertainer and showman in Persian-speaking TV. Milkan is a Persian-Kurdish-language album, an outstanding work and promises breakthrough success, not only in the Persian / Kurdish community.


Tracklist :

01.   Marekeh
02.   Bahar
03.   Tik Tik
04.   Lalai
05.   Digeh Digeh
06.   Khab o Khial
07.   Darded Valim
08.   Safare Arezoo
09.   Shekayat
10.   Bistoon
11.   Tanhayi
12.   Vatan

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