Asharah - Modern Tribal Bellydance

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Created by Asharah, a star of tribal fusion bellydance, this program is a guide to developing skills for performing tribal fusion as well as a technique practice companion for all styles of bellydance. Modern Tribal Bellydance opens with a warm up and conditioning section (45 min.) that combines bellydance technique drills with a total body muscle conditioning workout. Strengthening exercises alternate with bellydance movement and yoga-based stretches.

This great daily routine improves muscle tone and strength, prepares the body for dance, and promotes a stronger carriage for everyday life. The technique and isolations section (55 min.) flows through intermediate technique drills with a detailed breakdown of each movement. The drill sequences take each movement to the next level step-by-step through accelerating tempo changes. In the hipwork section, Asharah adds weight transfers, traveling steps, and level changes. One of the signature features of Asharah's dynamic and futuristic dance style is strobing, ticking, and robotic accents and freezes creating an impression of non-human, mechanical precision.

In the "Modern Tribal Movement" section (30 min.) Asharah teaches this powerful and unique style of accent execution by breaking upper and lower body bellydance movements first into three and then into four segments, drilling each at accelerating speeds. Regular work using the conditioning exercises and drills from the previous sections of the program will make your body move with Asharah's clockwork precision! In the choreography section Asharah first demonstrates the six combinations that together make a dance, then breaks down each combination step-by-step.

The choreography integrates bellydance technique and modern tribal movement taught earlier in the program. A calming cooldown (8 min.) concludes Asharah's instructional program to help recenter and relax the body. The DVD also contains two performances by Asharah, displaying her dramatic and futuristic dance style, that takes tribal fusion bellydance into a new realm.

The instructional program is set to world electronic music by Maduro, and also features songs by breakcore and experimental artists Venetian Snares, Hecate, and Cdatakill.

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