Fantasy Bellydance Desire - Instructional Series

Fantasy Bellydance Desire - Instructional Series

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Desire - Fantasy Bellydance

By Blanca, Naraya, Darshan

The Fantasy Bellydance instructional series consists of 3 DVDs: Each program teaches 3 dances by 3 instructors. Dance styles presented range from Classic Bellydance to Fusion, Tribal, and Gothic. The instructional level of all three DVDs is intermediate-advanced. Each choreography conjures up an evocative archetypal image, and emphasizes story-telling through dance. In addition to a full breakdown of every choreography, each segment includes a demonstration of each dance, as well as a full theater performance in costume.

Additional features enrich each instructor's section, such as tips on props use (hand veils, sword, Isis wings), conditioning for dance, expression and projection, developing meaningful dance, creating sacred space for dance, the value of dance as a personal ritual, and more.) Instruction includes step-by-step breakdown of each dance and practice with music (or music and vocal prompts) for each combination.

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