Aziza - Hands,Arms & Poses with Aziza

Aziza - Hands,Arms & Poses with Aziza

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In Aziza’s instructional DVD Hands, Arms, and Poses, Aziza presents drills and exercises designed to create fluidity and intention of movement. Plus, a series of technique and combinations that you can use in your own performances.







Tracklist :

01. Concepts: Visualizations and concepts to inject power and grace into arm movements

02. Warm up: A gentle warp up to prepare your body for the drills and exercises

03. Drills and Exercises: Repetitive drills to commit arm patterns to muscle memoryWrist isolations, hand undulations, and lotus hands a

04. Two simple foot combinations with varying arms patterns

05. Combination performances: A break down of a series of creative pose combinations

06. Cool down: Slowly and easily bring our practice to a close with gentle stretches

07. Combination performance: Demonstration of the material presented in full costume

08. Bonus performance: An extra veil performance

09. Vintage performance: Rare performance to live music at Rakkasah West in 1994

10. Interview: Aziza responds to her most frequently asked questions

11. Vintage pictures gallery: Aziza shares some personal photos from her dance past

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