Ultimate Bellydance with Sadie - Isolations, Layering, Drills & Combinations

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Intermediate and advanced technique to take your dance skills to the next level with internationally celebrated instructor and performer Sadie. Sadie clearly introduces and drills technique one at a time demonstrating the mechanics of layering movements on top of each other to add new dimension to your choreographies.

Enrich your vocabulary of movements to create a more dynamic and impressive effect and shine like the star you are!

Running time : 110 Minutes







Tracklist :

01. Warm Up

02. Horizontal & Vertical Upper Body Isolations

03. Lower Body Isolations, Undulations & Floor Stretch

04. Layering Drills: Foundation Moves

05. Layering Drills: Basic Shimmies

06. Layering: Ups & Downs with Hip Isolations

07. Layering: Ups & Downs with Chest Circle Isolations

08. Layering: 3 Quarter Shimmies & Chest Circles

09. Soft Layers: Undulations & Hip Circles

10. Soft Layers: Mayas & Sways with Undulations

11. Choreography to Maksum by Bodyshock

12. Bonus Performance: The Soul of Cairo

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