Amal Hayati by Virginia

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Amal Hayati by Virginia features an exotic cast of 20 dancers weaving a rich tapestry of Middle Eastern culture through song and dance. Lavish costumes, beautiful dancers, and stunning choreography that ranges from Oriental, to Pop, Drum Solo, Zaar, Saidi (cane), Mealy Leff, Shamadan (candelabrum), Sword, Fans, and Wings.

Virginia presents AMAL HAYATI, translated “The Passion of my life” is a theatrical production that will take you on a magical journey from the lively cabarets of Egypt, to the mysterious underground, from the roots of folklore, to the Orientalist period and will even give a contemporary spin to some traditional dances.

Directed & Choreographed by International Bellydance Star Virginia and performed by her award wining performing company Wa Nour Al Ayun, Amal Hayati is one of the most spectacular Bellydance Show you will ever see!


RunTime: 1 hr 20 mins

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