Fat Chance Belly Dance - Tribal Basics Vol. 8 - Floorwork

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Floor Work is magical. Like a trick or visual illusion, it looks so simple and yet ... how do they do that ? Behind the scenes however, the plot thickens ! Strength, flexibility and timing are the key.

Carolena Nericcio, director of FCBD will offer instruction to make sense of the illusion.

Aided by the FCBD dancers, you will learn:

--the strategy of muscles and bones

--a yoga routine designed by troupe dancer and certified yoga instructor Anita Lalwani

--how to descend and rise gracefully

--level 1, a simple drop to the knees

--level 2, the berber walk and mermaid tur

--level 3, the "zipper"

--level 4, the standing drop

--the FloorWork sit up and tips for success

Plus a special performance with music by Helm, and a look Behind the Scenes at the Making of FloorWork.

Shot on location at the Fat Chance Belly Dance Studio in San Francisco.

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