Neon - Instand Bellydancer (2 DVD Set)

Neon - Instand Bellydancer (2 DVD Set)

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Instant BellyDancer TWO-DVD set is the updated release of the famous breakthrough rapid-learning system created by New York star dancer and trend-setting instructor, Neon. Thousands of women the world over have begun their bellydance journey with Neon's Instant Bellydancer 1 and Instant Bellydancer 2 -- still the best-selling bellydance instructional program on DVD worldwide.

Now re-released as a two-DVD set, the program is offered at a new, lower price to enable still more women to discover bellydance - and learn from the best teacher. To make belly dance easy to learn from video and fun to practice as an improvisational art, Neon's "Instant Bellydancer: A Crash Course in Belly Dance" video DVD series shows dance moves as trajectories following 2- and 3-dimensional shapes.

Animated onscreen graphics superimposed on Neon's moving image effectively interpret movement angles and directions, promoting accelerated learning. Grouping of movements into clear-cut categories enables easy recall of dance patterns when improvising. In addition to basic steps, these DVDs features moves and combinations that go far beyond the basics.

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