Tanna Valentine - Bellydance for Body Sculpting - Total Body

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Three 15-min. workouts -- coordination/flexibility, veil dance and cane dance -- are built entirely of belly dance moves, allowing dancers to work on their technique while exercising, and offering non-dancers a great workout, together with the opportunity to explore and learn bellydance.

This program focuses on coordinating upper body movement with bellydance hipwork. All lower body moves are accompanied with strongly-articulated arm and upper torso patterns. Dance students will benefit from many fun drills and combinations that will help improve upper-lower body coordination, muscle tone and strength of the arms, shoulders and back.

"When it comes to exercise," says Andy Troy, NYC personal trainer and contributor to the Bellydance for Body Shaping series, "the muscles of a woman's upper body are often neglected, taking a backseat to lots of cardio along with lower body movements like squats and lunges. While doing this might seem like a good idea it can lead to muscle imbalances and an increased risk of osteoporosis. In addition, skipping upper body work sacrifices the fat-burning potential that some upper body muscle can provide, as well as the edge it gives you in better performance of functional upper body movements."

  • Belly dance basic moves, cane and veil dance technique tutorial by Tanna
  • Where to get / How to create a cane/a veil by Tanna
  • Anatomy of upper body movement involved in bellydance by Andy Troy, CSCS
  • Pictorial cues and onscreen titles showing the name of each bellydance movement;
  • A progress bar shows the number of reps for each move, plus marks the rep you are currently performing.
  • Belly dance performance by Tanna

Each 15-min. workout includes: 3-min. warmup, 9-min. exercise session, 2-min. dance sequence (2-3 reps of each move from the exercise session arranged into an attractive choreography), 1-min. cooldown

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