Ava Fleming - Mystic Moves - Bellydance Technique & Combinations

Ava Fleming - Mystic Moves - Bellydance Technique & Combinations

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with Ava Flening


Ava Fleming’s dynamic technique, focus on isolations, and musical interpretation have captivated audiences around the world. Renowned for her precise, sultry and sensual movements, Ava now shares these secrets with you so you can add more depth and dimension to your next performance.

Let Ava teach you how to make Bellydance technique mystical and fluid, then create combinations and mini-choreographies to enhance your dance!


Tracklist :

01. Basic Moves Turn Mystic

02. Mystic Spice

03. Simply Mystic

04. Sugar & Spice

05. Continuous Combos: 194

06. Continuous Combos: Sidewinder

07. Continuous Combos: Red Wine

08. Snack Size: Professor

09. Snack Size: Carousel

10. Snack Size: Pendergest

11. Snack Size: Bambi

12. Snack Size: Aurora

13. Snack Size: Hera

14. Lead and Follow

15. Performance

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