From A to Zoe (4 DVD Set)

From A to Zoe (4 DVD Set)

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with Zoe Jakes

From A to Zoe by Zoe Jakes has over 7 hours of totally original content that touches on everything that Zoe Jakes personally focus on in her own dance. She has taken her favorite exercises, her favorite warm ups, and her favorite moves and combinations and put them into a format that you can put into your own style of dancing. Each DVD is a progression from basic to advanced concepts and techniques. There are options for different levels, so you can grow and progress with each segment.

Each DVD goes in depth in it’s focus, breaking down the technique then extensively drilling the concept. You can take the technique and add it to your personal style, or see how Zoe has incorporated it into her own stylization in the combinations section. The concepts in this DVD can be applied to any style of dance, which is demonstrated in a surprise cross over performance in cabaret style! With a bit of practice you will soon notice an increase in your balance and strength, a broadening of your movement vocabulary, and an improvement in your overall dance presentation.



1. DVD #1 begins with Zoe's own personal warm up and a word about posture. Then we start exploring traveling movements and variations. After a drilling segment we move on to something that Zoe gets asked about a lot: flutters. Then we learn a few unique combinations. Each combo is carefully explained then extensively drilled so that it gets into your muscle memory. There is also a 40-minute bonus class that was filmed at one of Zoe's workshops.

2. DVD #2 focuses on hits, which are sharp, punctuated movements followed by a flowing and soft aftermath. We discuss the difference between pops, locks and hits – with an emphasis on a stylized release and recoil. After drilling this concept we put it to use in several combinations. Next we do some strength and flexibility training that is especially geared toward belly dancers, who tend to universally have tight hip flexors, overuse their abs, and have a weak psoas. These exercises are essential in preventing injury and creating a balanced body. Extras on this DVD include: a feather fan tutorial and live performances.

3. DVD #3 is all about how to initiate movement and how to throw your weight around in a dynamic and creative way. You can achieve a highly stylized look simply by the way that you choose to approach your movement. As always, there are drills and combinations on this DVD. There is another long bonus class that was filmed at a workshop as well as a never-before-seen live performance.

4. DVD #4 focuses on the advanced art of layering – but don’t be intimidated, Zoe does offer different options for different levels so you can start with a more basic version and work your way up. After a detailed instruction and a long practice session we do our combination. Extras on this DVD include: a make-up tutorial, where Zoe candidly takes you through the process of putting on her stage make-up as wells as an extended practice session where you can da

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